A Letter of Apology

Dear Schmoodle,

I feel that I must apologize for my conduct of yesterday, in which I spent the whole ride convincing you that you were not, in fact, in danger of being eaten by a predator hiding in the jumps stored on the side of the ring. I appreciate that you allowed yourself to be persuaded by my forceful application of inside leg and my muttering under my breath of, “Keep the proper shape in your body, you big chicken!

Alas, I regret to inform you that you were, in fact, not too far off the mark, as evidenced by the BIG BLACK BEAR I saw running onto the barn property as I drove away last night.

NO, this isn't him. Come on, I was too busy shrieking to take a picture.

NO, this isn’t him. Come on, I was too busy shrieking to take a picture.

You might appreciate that my actions upon sighting this bear were essentially the human equivalent of your spooking: slamming on the brakes and screaming “Oh my God! Oh my God! Ahhhh! Don’t eat my horse!!!”

[Editor’s Note: Schmoodle lives outside with three other geldings. AHHHH!]

I have been informed that you and your companions survived the night, for which I am devoutly grateful. Anyway, Google tells me bears don’t eat adult horses, but still – stay vigilant!



P.S.: I will note that, in your consistent aversion to the pile of jumps by the side of the ring, you were actually spooking towards the direction in which the bear came. So maybe work on your situational awareness a bit.


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