(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Heat Wave

It felt like 38*C (around 100F) in Ottawa yesterday. Today will be going up to 42*. I’M NOT DOWN.

We went on a bareback jaunt yesterday night, then had a nice bath (I say “we” because I’m incapable of bathing a horse without soaking myself totally.) More of the same on the agenda tonight, I should think. I may even break my self-imposed rule of “no riding in tank tops”.



By the way, that cutie got into some mischief while I was out of town on Sunday…a good friend of mine took a lesson on him (her own horse is lingeringly lame) and, following a disagreement about a distance (at the horrifying fern jump, wouldn’t you know), she fell off and broke her finger. BAD SCHMOODLE.


2 thoughts on “(Mostly) Wordless Wednesday: Heat Wave

  1. Is there anyone other than a professional groom who can successfully give their horse a bath without getting soaked? Seriously though, I think it’s pretty much impossible.


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